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Below is a selection of questions people often have. Please take a look through to see if they cover you enquiry, if not please feel free to contact us on 910-616-4210 or email us at

Q: Why would I need a Land Survey?
A: To determine the boundaries for developing and satisfying local codes or building requirements. To find out where the land is that you own in case encroachments have taken place. To settle disputes with neighbors, because work such as building, landscaping or fencing has been performed without established boundary lines.

Q: Can I find my properties lines myself?
A: In all States property lines must be established by licenced professional land surveyors. This requirement is to protect the public from the risk of legal implications on any work performed of land that has been incorrectly surveyed.

Q: Shouldn't my property already be surveyed?
A: Not necessarily, accross the country laws, ordinances, customs and requirements differ on land that can be built on and sold without surveys.

Q: Isn't my survey on file someplace?
A: Not always, laws differ accross the U.S. that determine whether a survey needs to be saved to file. Subdivision Plats are usually available at a local Government Courthouse and can help to determine approximate distances.

Q: What do I need to provide for you to perform the land surveying?
Polaris Surveying will need to know the reason for the survey, a copy of legal deeds for the property, any plat showing corners and property lines, ownership history, surrounding land owner(s) details and information on any current disputes.

Q: What will I recieve after my land has been surveyed?
A: You will recieve survey plat(s) showing all necessary information in accordance with state laws. Also a property description and inspection report along with any other agreed documentation.

Q: How much will a land survey cost?
Polaris Surveying will give you an estimate of the expected total costs and time frames before work begins. The cost of the survey depends on factors such as the type of survey and equipment required, the required research and unknown corners, clarity of descriptions, existing fences and structures, size and shape of the land and whether the terrain is easily accessibile.